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Yoga Therapy

USE IT… OR LOSE IT!!! Our body is designed to move – every joint, every ligament, every tendon every day. If we don’t use it, we slowly lose function developing imbalances in the body, leading to dis-ease. Eventually that dis-ease will have a name – bursitis, tendonitis, arthritis.

We live in a “sitting world” where the “sitting disease” has replaced the cigarette as our number one health enemy. Our sedentary lifestyle and technology use is creating imbalances and dysfunction in our bodies and minds.

Yoga is about moving, RESTORING function and MAINTAINING function and health for all the days of our lives. You don’t have to be “flexible” or fit. You will gain that over time.

At OM, our Yoga Therapist offers private yoga therapy lessons to students of all levels, teaching you a 15-minute daily routine to repeat at home. Your session is personally tailored to your needs, and goals and recorded on your smart phone for daily use.

Why only 15 minutes? Because everyone can take 15 minutes a day and that is really enough to bring about dramatic changes,

Your session including postures and breathing exercises will be designed to meet your personal goals. Whether you want to be stronger, more flexible, or relax and heal your nervous system, Julianne can help create a practice to reach your goals. This session is also a great primer for anyone wanting to join a group yoga class at a studio, gym or do yoga tapes in the privacy of their home. More questions: Email


After consulting with our Chiropractic Physicians and receiving a treatment plan, your session is likely covered by your health insurance under your physical therapy benefit. Call or office to learn details. Cash rates – $85 Private Yoga Lesson 1 hr $45 for 30 mins.