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Workers Compensation

If you are injured on the job, you should immediately notify your employer’s HR department to determine if you may choose your caregiver or if you must select a Physician from your employer’s WC Insurer’s panel of doctors.  Within (3) working days of the injury being reported to the company, your employer should provide a list of physicians.   If no panel is provided, the employee may see a doctor of his/her choosing to treat for the injury.

The first treating doctor for any injury be it the Primary Care, an Orthopedist, or one of our doctors, becomes the Doctor of Record and will be the Employee’s Doctor of Record who will manage all aspects of the patient’s care, including referrals.

Our office has 15 years experience working with patients injured on the job.  We will coordinate with the workers compensation carrier, providing timely billing, excellent documentation of your diagnosis related to your injury, care and weekly and monthly progress in order to support your case.