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The health of your back and spine starts with identifying potential problems and seeking early treatment solutions. One of these problems is Scoliosis of the spine.

What is Scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a greater than normal curve in your spine that can interfere with your body’s natural communication system (nervous system).
In most cases, scoliosis occurs as individuals grow and develop through childhood and into a young adult.  However, a scoliosis can also occur after an accident such as a fall or an auto accident.

Our doctors can see the lateral, or sideways, curve to the spine and recognize potential complications associated with the curve.

We recommend yearly scoliosis screening of children beginning at age 5.  By identifying scoliosis at an early age, or shortly after an accident, our Chiropractors can address potential complications and reduce any pain from the condition.  Early treatment is key to preventing the condition from worsening.

Common Treatment Strategies for Scoliosis

Treatments depend on severity of the curvature and the symptoms you experience. We will suggest exercises and stretches to maintain flexibility and mobility and to help alleviate certain symptoms. Generally, the condition is mild and does not require more complex treatments. For more severe scoliosis, yearly imaging studies are recommended to monitor progression.  Should your scoliosis progress and the curvature exceeds 50 degrees and shows signs of worsening over time, we may refer you for more medical treatment.