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Auto/Personal Injuries

First, we are sorry you were in an accident and we’ll do everything in our power to get you feeling better.

We realize you may have questions and concerns about how payment is handled. Our staff ensures everything about your case is well documented so your care is paid for and you are able to reach a settlement as easily as possible with all the parties involved.  In order to do this, we have documentation for you to complete.

As far as payment is concerned, in the state of Virginia, you have multiple options.

You can submit to your health insurance – you are responsible for any copays or deductibles at the time of service.

You can also submit to your personal auto policy if you have medical coverage for yourself.

You can submit claims to the third-party insurance of the person that hit you. (They will settle with you at the end of care and will pay you directly).  If your health and auto paid your claims at our office ALL this goes in your pocket.

If you don’t have health insurance, you can pay the discounted cash rate and we will submit to your third party and they will settle with you.

When would someone opt to NOT bill their health insurance?
(If they are out of network with a large deductible.  *UHC, Cigna – Cigna has additional restrictions that may not pay for all their care.  If it is the beginning or near beginning of the year and they use their health insurance for chiropractic regularly, they may want to save their benefit)

We have been handling auto cases for over 15 years and do a great job getting patients better as quickly as possible, documenting care, and getting your claims paid for you.

Personal Injury

We are happy to work with your attorney and or bill the responsible party for your care.  We provide excellent documentation of your diagnosis related to your injury, care and weekly and monthly progress in order to support your case.